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Shopify Color Swatches: The Complete Guide


The Kickflip Team


February 16th, 2024

5 min read time

Shopify Color swatches are a great feature to have on any product page of your online store. They are definitely very intuitive for customers who want to see a product in different colors before making a purchase. Shopify recently unveiled a native color swatches feature (currently available in early access), providing a more robust solution for developers to add swatches to your product pages. This guide will explore this new Shopify feature and offer alternatives if you can’t access it or wish to offer more custom options, besides color swatches. 

What Are Shopify Color Swatches?

In Shopify, color swatches are small, clickable components representing different product options. Instead of using a simple dropdown menu, they offer a more engaging way for customers to select the product they want. Each swatch displays a specific color or texture, and when clicked, it updates the product image.


Benefits of Using Color Swatches in your product page

There are a lot of good things about using Shopify's color swatches. The following are some of the benefits of using them:

Improved Customer Experience: Color swatches give your customers a better shopping experience. They let customers see the color or texture options for your products, facilitating faster, more informed choices. Swatches also help reduce cognitive load and decision fatigue for your customers by allowing them to visually decide on options.

Modern feel: Color swatches add a modern and polished look to your product pages, reflecting well on your brand image. The intuitive swatches ensure a user-friendly experience for your customers, making your website more visually appealing and up-to-date.

Increased Sales Potential: By offering color swatches, you provide customers with more options and customization possibilities. This can lead to higher sales as customers are more likely to find the exact product variant that suits their preferences

How do I get color swatches on Shopify?

1. Shopify's native color swatches (new)

Before Shopify introduced its native color swatches feature, merchants had to rely on developers to generate custom code for incorporating color swatches into their themes. With Products 2.0, theme developers can now access a more robust solution to create color Swatches. This implies that an increasing number of Shopify themes will eventually provide support for color swatches. At the moment, the latest version of the Dawn theme already supports swatches.

Shopify color swatches are currently in early access mode. Shopify has not yet announced when everyone will have access. You can get on the list for early access by heading to Shopify Editions Winter 2024. If you get access to Shopify’s new color swatches, you can ask a developper to implement color swatches to your theme using the new feature. This technical guide provides a good overview of the general approach your developer should take.

2. Using a Color Swatch App

Your theme doesn't offer color swatch support or you can't wait until Product 2.0 is available and a developer implements it for you? You can still give your customers swatch options, multiple apps allow you to incorporate swatches into your product pages. Check out color swatch apps in the Shopify app store. Some popular app options for color swatches include: GLO Color Swatch, Globo Product Options, and PL Product Color Swatches. Some of these apps are free, while others have paid plans with more features. If you’re not sure about which app to pick, start with an app with a basic free plan and see how it works in your store. 


Beyond Color Swatches : Offering More Custom Product Options

Shopify color swatches are great if you only need to offer a few variant options. If your product has a greater number of options, especially if these options are connected logically, you should consider using a product customization app like Kickflip.

Kickflip offers significantly more flexibility and control compared to simple color swatches. It enables you to provide a wide range of customization options, allowing customers to personalize products in detail, including textures, patterns, text, and various design elements.

Kickflip Color Swatches

Let’s take a closer look at some of Kickflip's more advanced features related to color swatches.

Create unlimited swatches and variants

With Kickflip, you can create unlimited swatches. To create a new swatch, you first need to create a question and select “Thumbnails” as the input type. Then within that question, click on + to add an answer. Every answer will be represented as a swatch. 


Custom swatch images 

You can upload files (png images) to display on your swatches. Simply upload your swatch image file under 'Thumbnail'. You will have the option to upload png files to use as thumbnails or specify hex values for color questions.


Fully customize your swatches without CSS

Kickflip color swatches are fully customizable. There's no need to edit CSS code, you can use Kickflip's powerful theme editor to entirely modify their appearance. On the left side of the theme editor, simply select ‘Thumbnails Button’ or ‘Large Thumbnails Button’ and then several theme settings allow you to modify the swatches such as the width, height, rounding, spacing, outline thickness and even more. 


Displaying option names in tooltips or under the swatches

When you hover over a swatch, a tooltip displays the product option name. It's also possible to display the different variant names under the swatches. To do this, toggle on the 'Show name label' setting within your question.


Creating text swatches

Kickflip allows you to create text swatches. In Kickflip those are called Labels. 


Combining options logically

Kickflip's logic rules allow you to hide or show swatches based on other choices your customer's made. In the video above, we are only showing Glossy swatches when the customer Selected Glossy as the Pickguard Finish.

Pricing upcharges

Kickflip allows you to associate pricing upcharges to swatches and update the total price of your product in real-time based on your customer's selection.


Give Kickflip a try!

With an overall rating of 4.6 on the Shopify app store and more than a 100 reviews, Kickflip is highly recommended for businesses looking to enhance their ecommerce experience. But don’t take our word for it, find out more by giving it a try! Get started today with a Kickflip free trial.

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