Inventory management for custom products

Monitor your custom products’ stock levels effortlessly with Kickflip’s powerful inventory management feature.

Manage your custom product inventory like a pro

Leverage Kickflip's inventory management system to keep a close eye on the stock levels of your customized products and their components.

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Keep track of parts within products

Monitor the inventory of your products’ components to guarantee you have all the necessary parts for assembling your custom products. For example, if you're selling custom fishing rods, you can track each component, from the handle to the reel, to ensure they're always in stock. 

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Combine questions

Easily combine questions to create specific SKU such as “XL-RedSleeves-YellowNeck”. This will not only streamline inventory tracking, but also ensures consistency in communication across your operational processes.

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Manage inventory of parts across different products

For example, if you’re selling two custom bikes that share the same crankset, Kickflip allows you to monitor the crankset’s availability. This way you can ensure you always have enough stock to meet the demand for both bikes, thereby preventing any delivery delays.

Inventory management custom products

Easy to use yet very powerful

Kickflip's advanced inventory management interface gives you full control. It is designed to empower you with an array of features such as batch actions that streamline bulk operations, and search filters that let you quickly locate specific items within your inventory.

Automatic updates to your customizers

No need to be afraid to sell out-of-stock items anymore! With Kickflip’s inventory management feature, your products can no longer be put up for sale when stock reaches zero. As soon as the product or part is back in stock, it will automatically be made available to your customers.

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inventory management system

Take control of your inventory

Seamlessly manage your custom products and parts with Kickflip advanced inventory management add-on. It's now in Public Beta, meaning we are actively testing and fine-tuning it to ensure it meets your needs perfectly but rest assured, you can still access the feature and effortlessly manage your inventory.

Ecommerce integrations

Integrate Kickflip with your ecommerce platform in just a few clicks. Your custom products will sync and update as soon as you connect them. Selling custom products is easier than ever – just get started and you'll be on your way!

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