Easy bulk ordering for your ecommerce

Discover Kickflip’s bulk ordering feature allowing customers to easily personalize and purchase multiple products in a single transaction. Perfect for team merchandise, corporate gifts, and other products where you need to add a personalized name and/or number for each item.

bulk ordering feature

Sell multiple products at once

Boost your sales by selling products in bulk with specific options that can be customized or personalized for each product. Bulk ordering not only caters to diverse customer’s needs but also streamlines the ordering process, making it easy for them to buy products with different personalizations in a single transaction.

Create volume discounts

Offer irresistible discounts based on the volume of purchases your clients make, incentivizing them to buy more and save more! Easily create graduated pricing structures that reward customers for larger orders. These volume-based discounts not only encourage increased spending but also help establish customer loyalty. 

bulk discounts
Minimum Order Quantity

Set minimum and maximum order requirements

Set minimum and maximum order requirements to optimize your operations and manage your inventory efficiently while increasing your average order values.

Ecommerce integrations

Integrate Kickflip with your ecommerce platform in just a few clicks. Your custom products will sync and update as soon as you connect them. Selling custom products is easier than ever – just get started and you'll be on your way!

Shopify app

Woocommerce app

Prestashop addon

API integration

ecommerce integrations

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