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multiline, straight, or curved text

Multi-line, straight, or curved text

The multi-line text feature allows customers to add multiple lines of text to a product. This is especially useful for personalized items requiring longer text format such as wedding invitations or custom apparel. Single-line texts can also be applied to straight or curved paths, perfect to add names, dates or initials on products like tumblers, phone cases, keychains or necklaces.

Fonts and style

By uploading fonts, you can enable your customers to personalize the style of their text. In addition to custom fonts, you can also offer an extensive variety of text colors and adjustable font sizes, ensuring that the product they personalize impeccably aligns with their individual preferences. All of this comes with the ability to preview the styled text in real-time, so your customers can see exactly what their text will look like before making a final decision.

Fonts and style
Text effets

Text effects

Kickflip comes with a variety of text effects to maximize the visualization and personalization experience of your customers. 






Move, resize & rotate

Kickflip's move, resize and rotate text features have been designed to offer your customers complete control over the text appearance on your products. By enabling this functionality, users can effortlessly position their personalized text at the perfect angle, size, and location to fit their unique vision. 

move, resize, rotate text
Text presets

Text presets

You might want to offer a list of predefined text values for your customers to choose from. This can be especially helpful for sports jerseys, where fans may want to select the name and number of their favorite players, or for other customizable products where popular phrases or slogans are commonly used.

Bad words filter

When it comes to maintaining a professional image, it's important to use the right tone of voice. The bad words filter feature allows you to set up a list of forbidden words or phrases, which will be automatically blocked when they are typed by a user. By using this helpful feature on your Kickflip customizers, you can ensure that your brand comes across as professional and respectful at all times.

bad words filter
Print-ready files

Experience seamless and efficient printing with Kickflip's high-quality PDF print file generation feature. You can create multiple print areas on products and sit back and relax as print files are automatically generated, the moment your customers click on 'Add to Cart'. This not only ensures perfect, print-ready files but also saves time and effort, resulting in exceptional prints that bring your customers' designs to life.

Ecommerce integrations

Integrate Kickflip with your ecommerce platform in just a few clicks. Your custom products will sync and update as soon as you connect them. Selling custom products is easier than ever – just get started and you'll be on your way!

Shopify app

Woocommerce app

API integration

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