Connect your configurator to any ecommerce or system

Using Kickflip's API, you can seamlessly integrate your online product configurator with any ecommerce platform or system.


Custom ecommerce integration

Connect Kickflip with any ecommerce platform using our API. 

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) 


Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Sana Commerce 


Custom ecommerce platform

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Retrieve order data

With Kickflip’s API, you can retrieve all the customized product details that customers add to their carts, share on social media, or end up purchasing, enabling you to integrate them into your existing systems.

The materials, colors, texts, etc., chosen by the customer

Images that have been uploaded

The print-ready files generated by Kickflip.

Time of order

The custom product picture

The amount paid

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Our Enterprise plan is required for custom ecommerce integration and some API uses. Contact us to learn more.

Enterprise plan

Available to businesses with large payment volumes, high value transactions, custom ecommerce integrations, or generating quotes to close sales offline.

  • Volume discounts

  • Dedicated priority support

Technical support included

As you work towards incorporating our online product configurator’s API into your existing systems, our highly skilled and experienced technical support team is committed to providing prompt and accurate support. With our unwavering commitment to your success, you can confidently leverage the power of our API.


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Accessing the API with a token

Learn how to generate an API access key for Kickflip with the desired permissions. Learn more

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Don't take our word for it


Jesus Guillermo de León Pérez

Sr. UX Designer


“Kickflip is a fantastic tool, super intuitive, easy to use and with so many capabilities. You don’t have to be an expert or have previous experience with other products to use it. Also the support team is great and very responsive.”


Frieder Urban

Co-Founder & CEO

Era of Arc

“We were looking for an uncomplicated configurator tool that is quick and easy to set up, offers many design options in terms of appearance and works absolutely reliably with short loading times. We looked at and tested all the configurators on the market and with Kickflip we found exactly what we needed.”


Maarten Luyckx

Motion Graphic Designer

Osaka World

“It was a large and lengthy project with a lot of research and testing but the user-friendly interface of Kickflip in combination with the customer service that you offer has ensured that this project was brought to a beautiful conclusion.“

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