Add logic to your product customizers

Discover Kickflip’s powerful logic feature. Guide your customers to create perfect product combinations and adapt to their preferences with questions that change based on their choices.

block custom product options

Easily block combination of choices

Effortlessly manage and control optional choices based on predefined criteria, ensuring flawless combinations every time. Say goodbye to undesirable design mix-ups leading to production errors.

Add conditional questions

By incorporating value-based questions such as "Add your country flag?", customers can select what they prefer and watch the following questions adapt to their selections. It makes customizing easier by not overwhelming them with too many options.

conditional questions product customizer
logic rules customizer

Natural language interface  

Our interface makes it easy to add logic to your custom product. Intuitively create logic rules using simple language such as: “When helmet material is red then helmet strap material should not be red". 

Ecommerce integrations

Integrate Kickflip with your ecommerce platform in just a few clicks. Your custom products will sync and update as soon as you connect them. Selling custom products is easier than ever – just get started and you'll be on your way!

Shopify app

Woocommerce app

Prestashop addon

API integration

ecommerce integrations

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