Hire Kickflip experts to help you succeed

Need help with artwork, to set up your product customizer or with your ecommerce integration? These certified Kickflip partners will deliver quality work.

Ecommerce configuration

Get help setting up your ecommerce from these Kickflip partners.


To handle your Shopify project, HeyCarson matches you up with Shopify developers from their team.


Access elite ecommerce freelance developers to help you with your project.

Generating artwork & setting up your customizer

For help with creating your artwork and setting up your Kickflip customizer, contact these partners.

Génesis Savelli


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Maarten Luyckx


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Josefina Blanco


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Perennial Solution


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Become a Kickflip partner

Help our clients succeed with customization by becoming a Kickflip partner. We are looking for partners offering the following services.

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Photo editing

Clients need their product images cut out into multiple parts using Photoshop or another photo editing program.

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Setting up products using Kickflip

Clients need help to setup their customizers using Kickflip's product builder.

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Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop or custom ecommerce development

Clients need help integrating Kickflip with their ecommerce platforms or developing customized integration solutions.