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Discover Kickflip’s advanced image uploading features allowing you to personalize any product.

Image upload custom product

Image upload

Enable your customers to upload one or more images to personalize your products. Perfect for tailor-made products like t-shirts, keychains, or artwork. Customers can upload images in many formats for a seamless personalization process:

EPS files

AI files 

PDF files

PNG images

JPG images

HEIC files

Preset images

You might want to offer a collection of predefined images or clip arts for your customers to choose from, as the ideal foundation for their customization journey. This can be useful for products like phone cases where customers can choose from a gallery of predefined images to personalize their creation. With Kickflip, you can easily set up this functionality and provide your customers with a seamless and satisfying personalization experience.

Preset Images
Print Ready

Experience seamless and efficient printing with Kickflip's high-quality PDF print file generation feature. You can create multiple print areas on products and sit back and relax as print files are automatically generated, the moment your customers click on 'Add to Cart'. This not only ensures perfect, print-ready files but also saves time and effort, resulting in exceptional prints that bring your customers' designs to life.

Image effects

Kickflip offers a wide variety of image effects designed to optimize the product visualization and customization experience of your customers.

Black and white effect 

Multiply effect 

Transparent effect 

Masking effect

Web to print - product cusotmizer software

Move, resize and rotate

Kickflip's move, resize and rotate image functionalities have been designed to offer your customers complete control over the image appearance on your products. If you prefer you can also specify a predefined position and dimension for uploaded images.

Ecommerce integrations

Integrate Kickflip with your ecommerce platform in just a few clicks. Your custom products will sync and update as soon as you connect them. Selling custom products is easier than ever – just get started and you'll be on your way!

Shopify app

Woocommerce app

API integration

Ecommerce Integrations Shopify WooCommerce

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