Product Visuzalization

Product Visualization: Enhancing Customer Experience

Marnie Kunz

November 15th, 2023

6 min read time

Appearance is everything when it comes to product displays, and product visualization offers a powerful tool to showcase custom products virtually before ordering. Product visualization is the process of using images, artwork, videos, or renderings that allow customers to personalize and see products before buying. Product visualization bridges the gap between virtual and in-person shopping. It enables you to highlight your products in a visually appealing way. This overview will delve into the world of product visualization and its benefits for your business. We'll also go over the best product visualization software available to help you increase sales. 

For custom products businesses, product visualization allows your customers to experiment with different designs, colors, and features and see their products in real time. Whether you have a custom apparel business, sporting goods, technology, or home decor, enticing visuals can catapult your business ahead of your competitors and build a loyal customer base. 

What Is Product Visualization?

So, what is product visualization? Product visualization is the process of creating a visual representation of a product. For ecommerce sites that sell custom products, product visualization is a crucial element of your customer’s journey. High-quality visuals allow your clients to see how their custom products will look before purchasing. The goal of product visualization is to help customers have a better understanding of the product’s features and overall appearance without physically touching the products. 

There are different types of product visualization options, including 2D, 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality. We’ll explore these varying visualization types and offer tips to help you find the best method to showcase your custom products to attract customers and increase sales. 

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Benefits of Product Visualization

Product visualization can increase your customer base and boost your ecommerce revenue. Here are some of the biggest benefits of offering high-quality renderings of your custom products:

  • Enhance customer experience. By offering high-quality visual representations of your products, you can significantly improve your customers’ online shopping experience. Since buyers cannot physically interact with the products online, providing clear and accurate visuals can build a sense of trust in the products they’re considering purchasing. Also, seeing visuals of different custom options can help customers fine-tune their personalized features to create something they love. 

  • Boost sales. It’s hard to have faith in products customers can’t see. Accurate visuals that update in real-time as customers customize a product helps drive sales. When customers get a clear perspective of what a custom product looks like, they’re more likely to follow through and purchase. 

  • Reduce product returns. Allowing customers to preview a product they’re customizing can significantly reduce product returns. This is because they have had the opportunity to thoroughly inspect an item before purchasing.

  • Competitive advantage. By providing customers with outstanding product visualization, you can build a competitive advantage, as it’s crucial for customers to visualize products before making a purchase. Businesses that don’t offer renderings will lose business as customers can’t be sure how their custom products will look.

  • Improve product designs. With effective product visualization, your offerings can be showcased in a more compelling way compared to products that lack renderings. This enhanced depiction can significantly impact a buyer’s perception and decision-making process. Interactive product visualizations allow customers to fine-tune their personalization process and revise features and graphics until they reach their desired product appearance. This enhances their designs, improving the final products.

Types of Product Visualization: 2D, 3D, AR and VR

There are a variety of ways to showcase custom products, with renderings in different dimensions and formats. Check out this overview of the different types of product visualization options so you can pick the one that’s best for your business:

2D Product Visualization 

The simplest form of product visualization is 2D, or two-dimensional. This format offers images that show you how a product will look in different colors and with custom features. 2D imaging may include a drawing, photo renderings, or pictures showing a product in a three-dimensional perspective. Many 2D visualization tools can display your custom product features in real time as you choose them, highlighting your text, images, and color choices as you customize them.


With 2D product software such as Kickflip, your customers can choose from custom fonts, colors, and images and see renderings of each variation. 

3D Product Visualization 

Another type of product visualization is 3D, or 3-dimensional. 3D product visualization gives customers the ability to visualize a product with a 360-degree view. It provides a realistic visualization of products that shows every angle of a customized product. Customers can personalize their products and see each update with 3D imaging for a seamless design experience. 


Augmented Reality (AR) 

Augmented reality offers an interactive experience that can show customers what their custom products will look like in real life. Product visualization with augmented reality can depict what an item will look like in a client’s home. For instance, if you have a custom furniture business, an AR tool can allow your customers to see how a piece of furniture will look in their living room. This is especially helpful for seeing the dimensions of products and how they will look in specific areas.


Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality, or VR, offers customers an immersive tool to see how custom products will look in real life using 3D modeling. Virtual reality allows customers to experience products in a simulated environment using a VR headset, which creates a fully immersive experience. VR can also work with smartphones, computers, or tablets to view augmented reality overlays of products in the real world. Virtual reality can be especially helpful to experience the size and dimensions of large-sized purchases such as home furnishings.

Deciding on the Best Visuals for Your Business

When deciding on a product visualization tool, consider your audience’s preferences and your products. While the majority of consumers want to see 2D product images of products before purchasing, for instance, a growing number of early adopters are also interested in augmented reality and virtual reality. According to a McKinsey & Company survey, 48% of respondents are interested in using “metaverse” technology (i.e., AR and VR) to shop in the next five years. 

When it comes to your visual strategy, ensure you have your bases covered by offering 2D visualization first. Then if you have the budget or demand from your customers, you can also invest in more advanced virtual renderings of your products. Also, consider the kinds of products you offer, as smaller items such as jewelry or clothing are less likely to need virtual reality models. In contrast, large furniture or other home items may work well with augmented reality. 

Product Visualization Software: The Best on the Market 

Now that you understand the different types of visualization options for your custom products business, you can find the best product visualization software for your needs. These are the top rendering options for custom products ecommerce stores:


If you’re looking for affordable, reliable, and user-friendly software for your custom products store, Kickflip is the perfect choice. Kickflip features outstanding 2D product visualization software, which will increase your customer satisfaction and sales. Using two-dimensional renderings that adjust to customer choices in real time, Kickflip offers unlimited customization options and beautiful, high-quality images to showcase your products. With simple pay-as-you-go pricing, Kickflip is the best option for growing businesses and transparent pricing. 


If you’re interested in 3D, Threekit is an advanced product visualization software that provides three-dimensional product views. Customers can see their products as they customize them with 360-degree perspectives. 

Configure ID 

Configure ID offers a wide range of visualization options for products, including 3D and photorealistic product visualization. The interactive software can enhance customers’ design process and shopping experiences. 


Doogma is an intuitive product visualization software that provides 3D product representations. Like Kickflip, Doogma offers live renderings, allowing customers to make informed decisions before purchasing a product. 


If you have an interior design business, Foyr offers product visualization software specialized in interior design. The software features an interactive 360-degree visualization of properties, allowing you to create outstanding live rendering 3D floor plans and interior designs. 


The ecommerce world is a competitive one, and taking some simple steps to improve your product displays and visuals can have a resounding effect on your business. Using visualization software for your custom products business is one of the best ways you can improve your customer experience and increase sales. By providing your customers with a realistic view of their customized products before they buy, product visualization can help to increase sales, reduce product returns, improve customer satisfaction, and set your business apart from the competition.

Kickflip is a cost-effective solution that offers stellar 2D renderings of your custom products in real time. Your customers will be able to enjoy an intuitive design and editing experience and see high-resolution photos of their products with endless customization options in Kickflip. Contact us today to elevate your business and get started with Kickflip.