Magento Custom Product Options

A Guide to Custom Product Options in Magento / Adobe Commerce


Ophélie Jeanne


June 19th, 2023

7 min read time

The demand for personalized products is rapidly increasing in today's market, as consumers highly value such items. Besides acquiring a product that reflects their individuality, customers also enjoy the personalization process itself, as it offers a unique and engaging experience. By providing customizable products, businesses can tap into this growing demand, boosting sales and revenue while offering a special and personalized customer experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore Magento’s custom product options, best practices to implement custom product options on Magento and highlight some incredible features to elevate your tailored offerings.

Benefits of custom product options

The growing popularity of product customization is evident in the ecommerce environment. Today, increasing numbers of businesses are acknowledging the benefits of presenting custom options, as they unlock a multitude of advantages and opportunities.

Boosting sales 

Custom products can significantly contribute to boost your sales. Indeed, custom products can increase the perceived value of the products, making customers more willing to pay a premium for the unique products they have created. In fact, 81% would be willing to pay more for customized clothing, 79% for customized footwear, 76% for customized furniture and 77% for customized fashion accessories and jewelry.  Moreover, businesses offering custom products can capitalize on upselling and cross-selling opportunities, as customers are more likely to add complementary products or upgrades to their personalized orders.

Enhancing customer experience and satisfaction

By offering customized products, you can be sure that you'll be providing your customers with a unique experience that will considerably increase their satisfaction. In addition to designing a product that resembles them and meets their criteria, consumers will also enjoy the unique experience of designing their own product. This personalization demonstrates your commitment to catering to individual needs and preferences, which in turn helps build a stronger emotional connection between your brand and your customers. As a result, customers are more likely to become loyal advocates for your business, sharing their positive experiences with others and generating valuable word-of-mouth referrals. 

Standing out from competition 

Another important advantage of personalized products is their ability to differentiate a brand from the competition. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, offering customized options can be a powerful differentiator that helps attract and retain customers. By offering custom product options, companies demonstrate their commitment to meeting individual needs, which can help establish a strong brand identity and foster long-term relationships with customers. Indeed, according to a Deloitte study, 1 in 3 consumers interested in customization feel that standard products do not meet their expectations. Customized offers can therefore enable companies to target niche markets and address specific customer segments, opening up new revenue streams and growth opportunities.

Configurable products and custom product options

Configurable products and custom options are two different ways to offer product variations in a Magento store.


Configurable products

Configurable products are ideal for items with diverse characteristics such as color, material or components. They allow customers to select the desired combination before making their purchase.For example, a consumer can choose the color or design of a pair of skis from the preset colors and designs available. 

Custom products options 

Customized options are ideal for offering selections or additional services linked to a single product, such as personalization, add-ons or gift wrapping. For example, with custom product options, you can give your customers the opportunity to personalize a certain product in greater detail by incorporating customized text or images. 

If you'd like to know more about the difference between configurable products and custom products options on Magento, take a look at this great explanatory video by Astral Web Inc.

Best practices for custom product options on Magento

 It's important to offer your customers an intuitive interface that's pleasant to interact with, so as to provide them with the best possible shopping experience for your customers. 

Ease of use: Customers should be able to navigate through the customizer easily and find the options they are looking for. They should not feel overwhelmed by your interface. Every effort should be made to simplify the buyer's journey, ultimately resulting in a successful sale.

Visualization: Offer customers a visual tool that allows them to seamlessly view their customized products in real time. An outstanding live preview enables customers to get a sense of their personalized product's appearance.

Dynamic pricing: A dynamic pricing feature is truly valuable to enable your customers to visualize price updates in real time and eliminate any price confusions. Customers want to know the price in advance, to know how their choices affect the final cost, and to make informed decisions when purchasing a product. 


Mobile friendliness: As a significant number of your customers are likely shopping on their mobile devices, it's crucial to ensure they have a high quality user experience.

Magento’s custom product options 

Magento’s custom product options is a built-in feature that allows you to gain access to several basic functionalities to get you started with your customization project. This Magento feature simplifies the process of tailoring your products, enabling you to cater to your customers' diverse preferences more effectively. As a result, you can create a more personalized shopping experience, driving customer satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of repeat business. Here are some things you can do with that feature:

  • Text: You can incorporate single and multiline text; however, the text will not be previewed on your product images and text effects like engraving, neon, and others are not available.

  • File: You can allow your customers to upload one or more images and files with their order

  • List of options: You can generate a selection of options for your customers to choose from, featuring four list types: radio button, drop-down, checkbox, and multiple select.

  • Date: You can enable your customers to choose their preferred date and/or time from a drop-down menu, making it an ideal option for selecting the desired delivery date and time.

The capabilities of Magento custom product options can be somewhat limited, offering primarily basic features. If you are looking to surpass these constraints and deliver an enhanced experience that will set your business apart, we suggest using an extension.

Indeed, if you want to provide additional and more advanced custom product options, such as tailor-made monograms, product engravings, multi-components products, logic and dependencies or supplementary add-ons, a product customization extension such as Kickflip is definitely something you should explore..

Best extensions for advanced customization

1. 🏆 Kickflip

Kickflip stands out as the best Magento extension for advanced customization due to its powerful features and user-friendly approach. It enables store owners to effortlessly offer a wide array of customizable options, elevating the customer experience and setting your store apart from competitors. The intuitive interface simplifies product management, while real-time previews and dynamic pricing provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.


2. Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by Magecomp

This extension makes it easy for you to allow your customers to personalize products directly on your Magento online store. The interface enables your clients to add custom text, images, and artwork to various product types, making it an essential addition for businesses offering bespoke items.

  • Create attractive and unique product designs

  • Share custom product designs with friends

  • Preview and download custom designs

  • Print-ready designs using an easy-to-use design tool

  • Offers help guide tour of designing tool to customers

  • Charge extra fees for personalized products

  • Admin has total control over product customization options.


3. Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by Magetop

This Magento 2 extension enables you to have access to a vast amount of features, perfectly suited for allowing your customers to tailor products to their preferences.

  • Free custom product's design.

  • Save customized design in my account.

  • Share customized design with my friends.

  • Free transform text or artwork from libraries.

  • Crop uploaded photo.

  • Design on different sides of the product.

  • User-friendly online product designer tool.

  • Download ready designs in JPG & PNG.

  • Support QR-code (name, phone, url).

  • Support zoom in/out & full screen for design area...


4. Product Designer Magento 2 Extension by Setubridge

This extension includes lots of pertinent features, including custom pricing and image uploading, making it ideal for product customization.

  • Templates, Layers, Cliparts & Color Management

  • Editable high resolution print files in SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG

  • Supported product types - Simple & Configurable

  • Multi-Sided Products Design

  • Your users can save & reuse designs from My account

  • Perfectly works in all your users' devices

  • Included 1500+ premium Cliparts, Patterns, Background, etc.

  • Set resolution warning & custom pricing


5. Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 by Aitoc

Aitoc’s Magento 2 extension is the ideal solution for those seeking print-ready functionality. With this extension, you’ll also have access to other well-thought features. 

  • Advanced Web-to-Print Solution

  • Multiple fonts

  • Clip arts and custom images

  • Ability to customize different product sides

  • Numerous design areas

  • Special prices for customized items

  • Print-ready design files

  • Optimized for mobile

  • No system slowdowns


Discover Kickflip: Empowering Advanced Magento Custom Product Options

Looking to level up your Magento ecommerce store with product customization? Besides delivering an exceptional customization and visualization experience for your customers, Kickflip comes with a thoughtfully designed interface, dynamic pricing, and various powerful features that will boost your ecommerce’s performance. 

  • Theme editor: Provide your customers with a unique and delightful shopping experience using high-quality preset themes that seamlessly align with your brand's identity and contribute to increased conversion rates. Learn more

  • Logic: Our intuitive and logic-driven navigation system ensures you that your customers’ personalization journey follows preset customization options, effectively preventing any undesired combinations. Learn more

  • Multi-components products: Enables customers to personalize distinct parts of a product using layered images and add components to create their exclusive product configuration. Also, witness the automatic extra cost calculation for selected components.

  • Print-ready files: Enjoy seamless and efficient printing with Kickflip's exceptional PDF print file generation feature. Print files are instantly generated as soon as your customers select 'Add to Cart’.  Learn more

  • Bulk ordering (coming soon): With this feature, your customers can conveniently place a bulk order for multiple customized products, which is especially valued by sports teams and groups looking to order my items simultaneously with personalized elements.

Discover these features and many more!

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How to integrate Kickflip to your Magento store?

To fully leverage Kickflip's potential and benefit, it is necessary to integrate it to your Magento store using our our API. Learn more


Implementing custom product options enables customers to create personalized products that will meet their specific needs and preferences, and feel ownership and pride in the final product. The result is greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, which translates into repeat orders and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. 

As a Magento entrepreneur, it's worth considering an exploration into the product customization world, and Kickflip might just be a great starting point if you are looking for a premium and user-friendly solution.