Product Configurator Software : How LUNA Is Innovating With Kickflip


November 15th, 2021

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Since 2015, LUNA Sandals has been a proud partner of Kickflip and its product configurator software. With a diverse range of award-winning products, the online footwear company has been a trusted supplier of quality gear for thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. 

"I’ve got so many different uses of Kickflip. Sometimes I’m doing stuff on the backend, just riffing about some possible new updates and then sharing it with the team. It’s played so many different roles.” – Barefood Ted, founder of LUNA Sandals.

Based in Wenatchee, Washington, LUNA Sandals offers everything from socks to sweaters, along with its bestselling series of sandals — whether for trail or lifestyle use. However, long before the company turned to Shopify product customizer technology, these options remained limited.


“When you buy a LUNA sandal, it’s many different things happening all at one time,” said Ted. “In a sense, you’re reaching out and touching and becoming part of the 'Born to Run' story” 

Today, thanks to Kickflip’s innovative product customization software, the brand has been able to expand its offerings tenfold, releasing a sandal collection that offers various color combinations. As such, buyers can pick from more than one design, allowing for extended fashion choices and increased product revenue.

The Challenge 

Like most modern footwear companies, LUNA Sandals had one primary goal: improve the lives of as many customers as it could possibly reach. Of course, this is a feat often easier said than done. However, the company made strides within the industry thanks to its commitment to quality materials, exceptional customer service, and an innovative approach to production. 

“LUNA Sandals itself is just trying to preserve in the marketplace a high-quality piece of footwear that also can perform well… even for lifestyle: just keeping it comfortable and keeping it simple,” said Barefoot Ted. “But, at the same time, allowing people to put a little of their personality in it by having a lot of choices in colors and leathers — and all the rest.” 

Ted’s vision of providing customers with enhanced customization options couldn’t be done alone. His company would need a modern, intelligent, and user-friendly answer to this complex challenge. 

Still, Ted’s dream could become a reality. Thanks to advances in modern technology, various digital solutions have made it easier than ever for brands worldwide to utilize the latest in product configurator software. 

As such, LUNA Sandals turned to the best provider of outstanding product customization experiences on the market: Kickflip. 

imageThe Solution 

“For me, it’s like a dream come true: so I can be so optimistic and happy. So, thank you very much for helping us in that process.” — Barefoot Ted. 

Using the product customization software provided by Kickflip, LUNA Sandals had the tools it needed to improve its customer experience like never before. Since the scalable solution offers features like unlimited bandwidth, automatic software updates, seamless e-commerce integration, and more, Barefoot Ted could see his vision of producing high-quality footwear come to life. 

“Having good software that’s friendly and easy to use, particularly in a phase where you’re prototyping or changing a lot… wow, I wanted that ten years ago,” said Ted. “We’re finally now getting to the point where Kickflip is a tool that is friendly enough that it’s the best tool out there to materialize your dream.”  

In day-to-day operations, LUNA Sandals has been able to transform their product page to be even more detailed and enticing to potential buyers. Rather than show a simple, static photograph of each item, the company is able to present fully rendered models showcasing various angles of the product. As such, website visitors can easily determine which sandal is the best choice for their personal fashion taste, as well as identify which design details they want to examine up-close.   

Examples of this feature can be seen in-action via LUNA Sandal’s USA Sandal Builder page. Using the product configurator software, customers can personalize their sandal however they see fit by choosing from amongst the following options: 

  • Collection: Trail Lunas, Retro Lunas, Winged Lunas, Premium Lunas, or Thinnest Lunas. 

  • Model: Winged/Retro Mono, Winged/Retro Mono Gordo, Winged/Retro Oso Flaco, Winged/Retro Middle Bear, Winged Retro Oso, Retro Leadville Gordo/Trail/Pacer, Winged Leadville Gordo/Pacer, Winged/Retro Origen, Origen Flaco, Bisonte, Cabra, Retro Venado, or Retro Venado Pittards. 

  •  Lace Style: Multi-wrap or Slip-on. 

  • Lace/Tech Strap Color: Mono Black, Mono Desert Canyon, Black Earth, Buckskin Brown, Tree Bark Grey, Moss Green, Dark Brew, Ruby Red, Golden Sun, Purple Dusk, Coral Rose, Rose Quartz, White Mist, and more!

  • Size: Men’s 4 – 13, Women’s 6 – 15. 

As can be seen from the product page, Kickflip enables thousands of future buyers to create the sandals of their dreams. And, thanks to such comprehensive personalization options, LUNA Sandals has opened the door to virtually unlimited design possibilities.   

In the future, the company also plans to take the Shopify product customizer’s features even further by using its multi-view capabilities. By doing so, buyers would then be able to preview their desired item from multiple angles.  

“Kickflip allows people to really play around with the different colors and the different tops and soles,” said Ted. “And people love that stuff — particularly the people who have become a fan of your brand. They want more than what everybody else is getting… Kickflip allows our diehard fans to really get specific and add more personality or flair.” 

The Result 

Using the advanced product customization software offered by Kickflip, LUNA Sandals has effectively improved its business output to become the premier supplier of sandals in the nation. The brand has been rated the “Best Minimalist Running Footwear” by Runner’s World and received hundreds of five-star reviews from buyers across the country. 

Customers can turn to LUNA Sandal’s USA Builder to create their very own, personalized sandals made in Wenatchee, WA – Where they have converted an old apple storage building into their version of the best sandal factory in the world!

imagePowered entirely by Kickflip, this feature allows for comprehensive shoe customization including everything from lace color to product model.  

The benefits provided by this advanced product configurator software cannot be understated. By offering these expansive features to website visitors, it is easier than ever for a potential buyer to find their next favorite sandal from LUNA. As a result, LUNA Sandals is able to benefit from improved customer retention, increased sales, enhanced brand reputation, and more. 

Still, the most impactful enhancement has to do with overall customer satisfaction. Thanks to Kickflip, which is designed to significantly improve the purchasing experience, any LUNA Sandal customer — whether a new client or long-time fan — has the tools they need to purchase the footwear of their dreams. The sky is the limit! 

"Freedom of choice is a fabulous way to express freedom of ‘you’.” – Barefood Ted, founder of LUNA Sandals.

About Kickflip 

Since 2010, Kickflip has been the leading provider of product customization software for hundreds of ecommerce brands. Helmed by a team of innovative technology experts, the solution is dedicated to achieving its primary mission: helping as many companies across the world offer fully customizable products that buyers can build as they see fit. 

After partnering with Kickflip, brands like LUNA Sandals receive access to a collection of modern features like: 

  • Enhanced Custom Order Management: Brands can view everything they need to know about a buyer’s custom order through one convenient channel. 

  • Comprehensive Customization Builder: Kickflip’s product builder is designed to be as simple as possible, so even companies with little to no coding experience can upgrade their product offerings. 

  • Universal Integration: Brand leaders can take their products across the world thanks to seamless integration with solutions like Shopify, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce. 

  • Limitless Possibilities: Whether a client is looking for a personalized necklace or a fully customized pair of sneakers, Kickflip provides the tools merchants need to make any dream a reality. 

LUNA Sandals isn’t the only company Kickflip has been able to take to greater heights — and yours could be next. 

Ready to Grow Your Business with Customization? 

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