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The Rise of Laser Engraved Products in E-commerce


April 5th, 2024

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Looking for a unique and personalized way to enhance your online business? Look no further than laser engraved products! Laser engraved items have become increasingly popular in the world of e-commerce, offering a wide range of customization options for customers. 

From personalized gifts to home decor items, laser engraving has taken the online market by storm. In this blog, we will explore the rise of laser engraved products, delve into various ideas for laser engraving, understand the technology behind the process, and provide tips on starting your own laser engraving online business. So, let's dive in and discover how laser engraved products can be the perfect addition to your online business!

Laser Engraved Products: Perfect for Online Business

Laser engraved items have experienced a surge in popularity in the world of e-commerce. With the ability to add personalization and customization to a wide range of products, laser engraving has become a major trend. From laser engraved gifts to custom laser engraved promotional items, the possibilities are endless. Customers are drawn to the uniqueness that laser engraving offers, making these items highly sought after in the online market. Let's take a closer look at the growing popularity of laser engraved products and why they have become an e-commerce trend.

A Look at the Popularity of Personalization and Laser Engraved Products

Laser engraved wood and leather items are at the forefront of the growing popularity of laser engraving. Whether it's an engraved cutting board for the kitchen, a personalized engraved leather journal, or a custom engraved plaque with the family name, these items offer a unique and personal touch, making them the perfect gift for special occasions like Christmas. Laser etched wood home decor items, such as wall art or engraved coasters, have also become popular choices for customers looking to add a special touch to their living spaces, including personalized ornaments for the holiday season.

The ability to engrave a special message or the recipient's name on a gift adds a personal touch, creating a lasting memory. This personalization sets these gifts apart from the mass-produced options often found in stores, making them the ideal choice for those looking for something unique and meaningful.

Now that we understand the popularity and appeal of laser engraved products, let's explore some various ideas for laser engraving. 

Personalized Jewelry: Items like bracelets, necklaces, and rings can be laser engraved with names, initials, dates, or personal messages to create meaningful gifts. Elysium Hope allows for a personalized touch in their jewelry offerings, providing customers with the option to engrave and customize their pieces to make them uniquely their own.


Customized Wooden Items: Cutting boards, coasters, and picture frames made of wood can be engraved with designs, names, or logos, adding a personal touch or brand identity.

Engraved Glassware: Wine glasses, beer mugs, and shot glasses are commonly engraved with monograms, logos, or special messages, making them popular for weddings, anniversaries, and corporate gifts.

Credit Cards: Utilizing laser engraving technology, they can imprint contact information and logos onto the cards, creating a lasting impression. Engraven specializes in crafting metal credit cards that are both unique and durable.


Leather Goods: Wallets, belts, and journals made of leather can be laser engraved with names, initials, or custom designs, adding a luxurious and personalized element.

Signage and Plaques: Office signs, nameplates, and award plaques can be precisely engraved for professional or commemorative purposes.

Sporting Goods: Items like golf clubs, golf tees, baseball bats, and engraved tumblers can be engraved with names or logos, making them unique to the owner or team.


Understanding the Technology Behind Laser Engraving

The laser engraving process utilizes high-powered lasers to etch designs and patterns onto a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, and glass. This precise technique allows for the creation of intricate and customized designs on a variety of items. The process involves the use of computer software to create the design, which is then translated into instructions for the laser engraving machine. This modern technology, which involves controlling the speed of the laser beam, has revolutionized the production of personalized items, making it the perfect way to create unique and one-of-a-kind items by removing layers of material with a focused beam of light.

If the product is personalized, a product customizer software such as Kickflip is required to take the customer’s order. This software enables customers to personalize the product to their exact specifications. For example, a jewelry business may use a product customizer software to take a customer's order for a diamond engagement ring, allowing them to choose the type of stone, the type of metal, type the personalized engraving, and visualize their design before they order.


What materials can be laser engraved?

Laser engraving stands as a marvel of modern technology, allowing us to inscribe permanent marks onto a vast array of materials with precision and speed. Let's explore the materials that can be transformed by this remarkable technique, each offering its own unique canvas for bringing your vision to life.

Metals: You can engrave on metals like stainless steel and aluminum, which is great for creating professional-looking promotional items, signage, custom decorative lamps, or even custom parts if you're into manufacturing. The results are durable and look really sleek.


Plastics: There's a bunch of plastics that can be laser engraved, including acrylic and ABS. Acrylic is awesome for making signs, awards, or anything where you want a clean, sharp look. Just be careful with plastics that release harmful fumes when engraved, like PVC (vegan leather).


Wood: Wood is super popular for laser engraving because it gives that warm, natural vibe. Different woods (like maple, walnut, or even bamboo and cherry wood) give different results, so you can get really creative here, making everything from custom coasters to personalized cutting boards. With thick wood, you have the option to engrave deeper without compromising the integrity of the piece. This can be great for creating more dramatic, tactile effects or when the piece needs to be functional, like a sign or diploma that may be touched or cleaned frequently.


Glass and Ceramics: Engraving glass or ceramics can give you elegant results, perfect for personalized gifts or unique home decor. It's a bit tricky because these materials can crack easily, but with the right settings, you can create beautiful pieces.

Leather and Fabrics: Leather works really well with laser engraving, giving items like wallets or belts a custom touch. You can also engrave on fabrics like denim, which could be a cool way to customize clothing or accessories.

Stone and Marble: Engraving on materials like stone or marble can create really high-end looking products, ideal for wedding gifts or home decor. The contrast you get on darker stones makes the engraved designs pop.

Paper and Cardboard: Yes, even paper and cardboard can be laser engraved! This is perfect for unique business cards, invitations, or product packaging that stands out. It's a way to add a luxury touch to otherwise ordinary materials.

Composite Materials: These are special materials made for engraving, and they can offer some interesting effects or extra durability for your projects.

What are the different types of laser engraving machines?

Laser engraving machines are versatile tools that can be categorized based on the type of laser source they use, the material they are best suited for, and their application. Here's an overview of the different types of laser engraving machines, highlighting the most popular options in each category:

  • CO2 Laser Engravers: These use a carbon dioxide gas mixture to produce the laser beam. They are ideal for engraving non-metallic materials and coated metals. The Epilog Laser series is a popular choice due to its efficiency and versatility.

  • Fiber Laser Engravers: Using a solid-state laser source, these machines are best suited for marking metals and plastic. They are known for their fine precision and high speed. The FiberMark S2 by Epilog is a well-regarded model in this category.

  • Diode Laser Engravers: These are entry-level engravers suitable for hobbyists and small businesses. They work well on softer materials like wood and leather. The Ortur Laser Master series is popular among beginners and enthusiasts for its affordability and ease of use.

Marketing Your Custom Laser Engraved Products Online

Implementing your marketing strategy for laser engraved products is crucial to stand out in the e-commerce market. 

Setting Up Your Online Store

Setting up your online store for an engraving business requires a thoughtful approach to not only showcase your products but also to provide a seamless and engaging customer experience.

Shopify emerges as a leading e-commerce platform choice for this endeavor, thanks to its user-friendly interface, robust infrastructure, and extensive range of customizable themes tailored to various business needs.

To elevate the customer's shopping experience further, we recommend integrating Kickflip as a product personalizer. Kickflip allows customers to visually customize their engraving orders in real-time, offering a dynamic and interactive way to ensure their final product is exactly as they envision. 

This combination of Shopify's reliable e-commerce environment and Kickflip's innovative personalization tool creates a powerful duo that can significantly enhance your engraving business's online presence, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, sales performance.

Leveraging Social Media for Your Laser Engraving Business

Showcasing personalized laser engraved items on social media can create a unique connection with your customers. 

Sharing behind-the-scenes content of the intricate process involved in laser engraving leather and wood items helps engage the audience with the craftsmanship. 


Customer testimonials and reviews of custom laser engraved gifts build trust and authenticity. Oui Chef stands out as a prime example. They've created a 'Happy Chefs' featured story on their Instagram profile, highlighting testimonials from satisfied customers. Witnessing the array of custom-engraved products created by their customers is truly inspiring.


Collaborating with influencers is also a great way to expand the reach of your laser engraved products and connect with a wider audience.

How to create a personalized product with engraving using Kickflip

Looking to offer customization and personalization options to your customers? Kickflip is the perfect solution for your business. It includes a comprehensive suite of features for selling engraved products, ranging from custom text entry, customer image uploads, to a selection of pre-uploaded images. Follow these steps to learn the basics!

  1. Click here to start your Kickflip free trial. 

  2. Go to the My products section and add a new product.

  3. From there, create a question in the Behind the scene area. Choose image as the display type.

  4. Within the right side panel, click on ‘Untitled image and upload your product image.


To add personalized text: 

  1. Click on the + button in the top left part of the screen.

  2. Under Select input type, pick Text input. Under Select a display type, pick Text, then hit Create.

  3. Place the text in the correct position on your product.

  4. Adjust the font size.

  5. Choose a font. You can upload your own or pick a Google font.


To add an engraving effect to your personalized text:

  1. Within the right side properties panel, next to Display type, click on the cog icon.

  2. Toggle on Engraving.

  3. Next to Engraving, click on the cog icon.

  4. Edit the Depth, Sharpness and light direction settings.

  5. You can set a different light direction for each view.


To offer pre-uploaded images:

  1. Click on the blue + button to create a question. Under input type, pick Thumbnail, under Display type, pick Image.

  2. In the right side panel, under Image answers, click on the + button.

  3. Upload your image.

  4. Repeat this process to add your other images.


Frequently Asked Questions

What laser engraved items sell well?

Products that tend to sell well are those that cater to personalization, unique gifts, and niche interests including personalized jewelry, home decor and outdoor gear. Success hinges on quality, uniqueness, and the ability to cater to niche interests and special occasions with personalized touches.

How do you price laser engraved items?

To set the sales price of laser engraved items, consider material cost, machine time, labor, and competitor pricing. Developing your pricing strategy should also take into account the fact that customers are willing to pay more for products that are personalized.


In conclusion, laser engraved products have become a booming trend in the world of e-commerce. From personalized jewelry to unique home decor items and business promotional products, the possibilities are endless. The rise in popularity can be attributed to the customization options and the ability to create one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with customers.

If you're considering starting your own laser engraving online business, it's important to plan your business model, invest in the right equipment, and set up your online store. Facebook groups can be a valuable resource for gathering information and exchanging ideas with other laser engraving enthusiasts.

And for an added advantage, you can use Kickflip to enhance the customization experience for your customers. So, are you ready to dive into the world of laser engraved products and start your own successful online business? Subscribe now to stay updated with the latest trends and tips in the industry.