Best Product Customizer for Shopify

The Best Product Customizers for Shopify

Marnie Kunz

March 19th, 2024

10 min read time

Product customization can help your business leap ahead of the competition. Giving your customers a say in the creation process empowers them to choose the best product features to suit their needs and tastes. If you have a Shopify store, you are not alone - 4.8 million stores use Shopify to power their ecommerce stores. If you have a custom products business, choosing a product customizer app that integrates well with Shopify and offers the best features will take your business to the next level. This list of the best product customizers for Shopify includes the top choices to stay ahead of the curve.

What Is product personalization?

Product personalization or customization allows customers to choose from a selection of options to adapt a product to their needs. If you have an ecommerce shop, a product customizer app can offer your shoppers unlimited product variants. For example, if you sell t-shirts, product personalization allows your customers to choose from different product options ranging from color variants to sizes and custom text and logos. 

A great product customizer offers you tools to give your customers a user-friendly, intuitive shopping experience with endless options. It will also empower customers to see product variations in real-time as the preview shows an updated product when the customer chooses features. Merchants are seeking product customizers to enhance the customer experience they provide. 

Is Shopify good for custom products?

To efficiently sell custom products on Shopify, the integration of a product customizer app is recommended. This app will handle all aspects of custom orders, from product visualization to pricing adjustments. It will also include essential features such as logo uploading, text customization, and logic rules to ensure valid customizations.

Benefits of a product customizer for Shopify

Using a product customizer for Shopify for your ecommerce business has many advantages. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction. Being able to participate in the creation of their own unique product improves customers’ shopping experience. By choosing their own variants and features, customers increase the likelihood that they will love their product. 

  • Higher revenue. Customized products command premium prices, and you can charge more for personalized items. In addition, your sales volume may increase as you offer in-demand, custom products with a seamless, intuitive platform. 

  • Improved customer retention. A product customizer app enhances your customers’ experience and gives them more input into their products. This helps customers develop more loyalty to your brand and feel a personal connection to your products. They will come back for future purchases and often will refer family and friends to your business as well. 


To find the best product customizers for Shopify, we looked at a few key features that are vital to delivering the best user experience and results. We looked at dozens of Shopify product customization apps and narrowed down our list to include the best apps with these features:

  • Excellent user rating. We examined Shopify app store ratings and only included apps with a 4.0 star (out of 5) rating or higher.

  • Clear and transparent pricing. Many of the plans have free trials, and they all have clear pricing structures. 

  • Extensive product personalization options. The top plans we chose have unlimited variant options.

  • User-friendly interface. These product customizers all have user-friendly interfaces that are engaging and intuitive, giving your customers the best shopping experience. 

Best Shopify product customizer apps

1. Kickflip


Kickflip is the best product customizer for Shopify. Kickflip improves the customer experience, increases sales, and is easy to use for both store owners and customers. The innovative Kickflip software offers an intuitive interface and unlimited customization options. Kickflip’s clear and transparent pricing is ideal for keeping costs manageable for growing ecommerce shops. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited customization. Kickflip allows unlimited customization options, from adding text and images to offering multi-component products where customers can build their own variations. 

  • Enhanced customer experience. Advanced personalization options increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Real-time previews from multiple angles improve the experience by letting customers see exactly what they’re creating.

  • Easy to use for both merchants and customers. Kickflip boasts a user-friendly interface for both the store owner setting up the customization options and the customer using them. This means a smoother experience for everyone involved.

  • Seamless integration with Shopify. Kickflip integrates well with Shopify, making it easy to set up and use with your existing store.

  • Dynamic pricing. Kickflip offers dynamic pricing rules that automatically adjust the price based on the customer’s customizations. This allows you to charge premium prices for advanced customization features. 

  • Print-ready files. Kickflip offers the ability to generate print-ready files for products with text or image customization.

  • Increased sales and conversions. Kickflip gives your customers more say in the creation process, leading to higher sales and conversions. Customers are more likely to buy a product they’ve helped create, and the interactive customization process is more engaging than simply viewing static product images.

  • Excellent customer service with a Help Center and library of how-to videos, as well as live support from customer service via video call, email, or chat.

Shopify Rating: 4.7

Pricing: Kickflip offers simple pay-as-you-go pricing, at a rate of 2.19% of each sale. This helps growing businesses flourish without getting bogged down by high monthly fees or membership costs. Kickflip also has a custom enterprise pricing plan available to businesses generating a large payment volume, requiring custom ecommerce integrations, or generating quotes to close sales offline.

2. Product Options and Customizer


Product Options and Customizer is a versatile custom product app for Shopify with a wide range of features, including the ability to add text, images, color swatches, and more. The app offers unlimited product customization and has a free plan for stores with just one product.

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited customization options with variants that include color swatches and file uploads and conditional logic for product options.

  • Increased revenue from the ability to upcharge for custom options.

  • Enhanced customer experience that gives your customers a positive, interactive shopping experience. 

  • Free plan for use with one custom product. 

Shopify Rating: 4.7

Pricing: Free Demo plan for one product. The Basic Plan is $19.99 a month with a 14-day free trial. The plan includes unlimited product options, unlimited variants options, and 10+ field types. The price is $49.99 a month for Premium Customizer, which has conditional logic and the pricing add-on option. The Premium Plus plan is $99.99 a month, which includes live onboarding support and a dedicated success manager. 

3. Globo Product Options, Variant


Globo Product Options Variant offers unlimited customizations to personalize your products and sell more. The app allows you to charge more for certain personalization options in your ecommerce shop. The Shopify app has a free plan with 5 option sets as well as paid monthly or yearly plans. The app was built for Shopify and meets Shopify’s high-quality standards for speed, ease of use, and merchant value.

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited customization options including text input field, file upload, color swatch, variant image, dropdown, and checkbox.

  • Higher sales with the option for an add-on price, an additional cost when your customer chooses product variants.

  • Conditional logic. Show or hide relevant options depending on the previously selected options.

  • Free plan available with 5 option sets. 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Pricing: Free plan with 5 options. The Premium plan is $9.90 a month or $99 a year for unlimited variant options and unlimited products. The Pro plan is $1990 a month or $199 a year with a pop-up model and edit options in the cart.

4. Zepto Product Personalizer


Zepto Product Personalizer offers a user-friendly experience and budget-friendly pricing. Every plan Zepto has includes conditional logic, unlimited variant options for each product, and options for price add-ons with different features. 

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited product personalization options with no restrictions on the amount of variants. There is also a “Build Your Own Product” feature that enables customers to create their own products with multiple components. 

  • Live preview feature that allows customers to see their item as they personalize it. 

  • Price increase options that can adjust as customers select different features. This helps boost your revenue by allowing you to charge more for premium features. 

  • Conditional logic that can show or hide features based on customer selections. 

  • Affordable pricing options with a 15-day free trial available to get started. 

Shopify Rating: 4.7

Pricing: Free 15-day trial. The Starter plan is $9.99 a month and covers up to 50 personalized products with unlimited options and up to 100 custom orders a month. The Basic plan is $19.99 a month and includes up to 200 personalized products and 300 custom orders a month. The Moderate plan covers up to 500 personalized products and 500 custom orders a month. The top-tier Unlimited plan is $49.99 a month with unlimited customization and unlimited orders. 

5. Variant Option Product Options


Variant Option Product Options offers a user-friendly interface with unlimited variant options. The app includes color swatches, custom variant images, and the option for customers to upload their own image files. 

Key Features: 

  • Infinite variant options that break through Shopify’s 100-variant limit. 

  • Price add-on options that allow prices to adjust to add more cost for premium features. 

  • Conditional logic that offers customer-guided customization options.

  • Responsive customer service willing to help solve any issues that arise.

Shopify Rating: 4.7

Pricing: Free 14-day trial to get started. The Basic Plan is $9.99 a month and offers unlimited product options, color swatches, checkboxes, and more. The Advanced Plan is $19.99 a month and includes everything in the Basic Plan plus conditional logic and price add-on options. 

6. Qstomizer


Qstomizer has over 200 pre-made custom product templates. You can also create your own products and offer customization options using the Shopify app. The product customizer includes AI design tools and offers custom fonts. 

Key Features:

  • Fast, efficient interface that is easy to set up. 

  • Responsive support team to help with any issues that may arise.

  • Multiple print area shapes and multi-side options. 

  • 20% discount for annual subscription payments. 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Pricing: 15-day free trial. The Basic Plan is $9.99 a month and includes up to 25 customizable products with unlimited customization options. The Advanced Plan is $29.99 a month and includes 50 customizable products, while the Professional Plan includes unlimited products and orders. All plans offer a 20% discount for annual payments. 

7. Infinite Options


Infinite Options offers unlimited options, as the name implies. This product customizer integrates easily with Shopify 2.0 and other apps. Merchants have access to endless variables, responsive support, and conditional logic with Infinite Options. 

Key Features:

  • Customization options that boost sales with unlimited variables.

  • Conditional logic that adapts to customer choices. 

  • Seamless integration with other apps.

  • Compatible with Shopify 2.0.

Shopify Rating: 4.8

Pricing: 14-day free trial. The cost is $12.99 per month for unlimited options, conditional logic, and swatches. 

8. Customify Custom Product App


Customify Custom Product App offers a budget-friendly product customizer for Shopify. The app has a responsive design and offers unlimited custom orders with all paid plans. 

Key Features:

  • Affordable pricing for basic product customization.

  • Seamless integration with Shopify themes. 

  • Drag and drop interface that is easy to use.

  • Product previews that update in real-time. 

  • Integrates seamlessly with print-on-demand services. 

Shopify Rating: 4.2

Pricing: Free plan with up to three custom products and three custom orders per month. A 14-day free trial is available for paid plans. The Lite Plan is $10 per month for 10 custom products and unlimited orders. The Basic Plan is $15 per month for 15 custom products and unlimited orders. The Professional Plan includes 50 custom products and unlimited orders. 

9. Custom Product Builder


Custom Product Builder or CPB allows customers to personalize products and see live previews as they make choices. The app bypasses Shopify’s 100 variable limits, offering unlimited options for products. CPB has extensive product customization capabilities and can accommodate complex configurations with millions of combinations.

Key Features: 

  • Robust customization options beyond Shopify’s variable limits.

  • User-friendly interface that has an initial learning curve.

  • Upsell options to seamlessly integrate premium features and add-on costs.

Shopify Rating: 4.4

Pricing: 30-day free trial. Product Options is $7.99 a month for unlimited products with no live preview. Customizer is $15 per month and includes a live preview and file upload features. The Personalizer plan is $40 per month and includes layering options and printable areas. The Pro plan is $60 per month and features wholesale orders, inventory management, and high-resolution export. 

10. Inkybay


Inkybay has live product customization and unlimited options for personalization. The product customizer offers features like text manipulation, a variety of fonts, and a clip-art gallery. Inkybay offers a great value for the price, according to reviewers, with a variety of advanced features and excellent customer support. 

Key Features:

  • Fast performance and server speed.

  • Extensive product customization options. 

  • Responsive support with live chat service. 

  • Team sharing options that allow easy sharing and collaboration on designs. 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Pricing: 21-day free trial. The Starter plan is $19.99 a month and includes 10 custom products and 30 custom orders per month. The Advance plan is $49.99 per month and includes up to 100 custom products, 200 orders per month, and up to four printed sides. The Professional plan is $99.99 per month and includes up to 2,000 products and unlimited print sides. The Unlimited plan features unlimited products, orders, and storage.

11. Customily Product Personalizer


Customily Product Personalizer offers a high level of product customization and seamless integration between designs and production. Customily Product Personalizer is highly rated, and garners review reviews for improving customer satisfaction. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited variables, products, and stores with the paid plan.

  • Print-ready files that are ready to export for custom products. 

  • Integrates with different print-on-demand providers to automate order fulfillment. 

  • Global support team with live chat for help with any troubleshooting issues. 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Pricing: 9-day free trial. The paid plan is $49.99 per month and includes unlimited options and products and unlimited stores. 

12. Product Options Variant Option


Product Options Variant Option offers unlimited variant options for Shopify stores. The product customizer has a wide variety of customization options, including color choices and text adjustments. Product Options Variant Option has advanced features that can handle multiple variants, cross-product variants, and color swatches.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface that offers customers a pleasant shopping experience.

  • Unlimited customization options with unlimited variants.

  • Quick and responsive customer support. 

  • Enhanced store efficiency with advanced features for personalization. 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Basic Color Swatch is $8 a month and features unlimited options, Shopify color swatches, and variant images. Pro Product Option is $9 a month and includes 20+ option types, conditional logic, price add-on options, and file upload options. Advanced is $29 a month and includes a size chart, over 30 templates, and exclusive customization options. 

13. EasyFlow Product Options


EasyFlow Product Options offers a fast, intuitive interface for Shopify product customization. The app features unlimited products and variants, text input, and upsell options. Multi-currency support makes international orders a breeze. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited product variants and options for complete product customization.

  • Image swatches, text input, dropdown boxes, and checkboxes.

  • Upsell options with price add-on features. 

  • Multi-currency support for easy international shopping. 

  • Bulk edit features and bulk apply, allowing convenient copying of existing products and features. 

Shopify Rating: 5.0

Pricing: Free with up to five option sets. The Unlimited plan is $12.99 a month and includes unlimited options, price add-ons, conditional logic, bulk editing, and priority support. 

14. Spiff 3D Product Customization


Spiff 3D Product Customization is a 2D and 3D product customizer for Shopify with customizable themes and product sharing options. 

Key Features:

  • Advanced 3D modeling capabilities that offer shoppers the latest in cutting-edge design technology and 3D visualization.

  • Customizable themes for a quick start.

  • Responsive customer service.

  • Product sharing to leverage traffic from partner stores.

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Pricing: The Base Plan is $99 a month for two users and up to 25 products with unlimited designs. Customized, advanced plans are available for a bespoke approach.

15. Hulk Product Options


Hulk Product Options is a user-friendly interface that offers extensive product customization for Shopify stores. The app can easily manage large inventories and offers conditional logic and advanced personalization options. 

Key Features:

  • Offers a variety of personalization options that can enhance customer experience and boost sales. 

  • Photos and color swatches give customers visuals of their custom products. 

  • Customers can upload images for advanced customization options. 

  • Fast, helpful chat feature for customer support. 

Shopify Rating: 4.7

Pricing: Free to install for development stores. There is a 7-day free trial for paid plans. The Basic Plan is $10 per month and includes 12 option types. The Advanced Plan is $20 a month and features up to 20 option types, conditional logic, and color/image swatches. The Enterprise Plan is $49.90 a month and includes advanced conditional logic, inventory and SKU management, Google Font Picker, and more. 

Choosing the best product customizer for Shopify

So, what is the best custom product app Shopify shops can use? The best Shopify app for product customization depends on your business, budget, and preferences. For the best custom product options Shopify, we have evaluated and listed the top customizer apps. The best options offer responsive customer service, unlimited variants, and easy-to-use interfaces. If you have complex products or sell a large number of different products, you’ll want advanced features such as the ability to charge more for certain custom features and seamless integration with your inventory management system. 

Kickflip delivers a complete set of premium features to elevate your customer experience, improve your sales revenue, and grow your business. With live previews, multiple product views, unlimited variants, and a responsive interface, Kickflip is the premiere choice for growing businesses. Kickflip’s excellent customer support ensures you’ll always have access to the help you need to keep your shop running smoothly. 

If you’d like to get started with Kickflip, sign up for a free trial today and watch your business boom.