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Kickflip: the Best Zakeke Alternative


October 20th, 2023

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If you’re looking for the best Zakeke alternative, Kickflip is number one. Kickflip is a product customization platform that empowers ecommerce businesses to deliver the best customization options. Kickflip offers beautiful product configurations and extensive customization choices to dazzle your customers. With top-rated customer service and the best product customization platform on the web, Kickflip continues to garner rave reviews and an enthusiastic customer base. 

If you have an ecommerce store and would like to offer customization options to your customers, Kickflip is the best option for you. Kickflip is user-friendly, highly customizable, and provides a wide range of features, including adding custom text, images, and logos to products. Read on to learn how Kickflip comes out on top as a Zakeke alternative.

Product Customization Options

Both Kickflip and Zakeke offer product customization features, which allow you to customize your ecommerce shopping experience to suit your customers' needs. Both platforms include powerful customization features, with live coloring, adding text, uploading images and files, print-ready files, conditional logic, and dynamic pricing. Kickflip also features inventory management and bulk pricing. 

Kickflip’s advanced customization platform allows your shoppers to upload their own logos and images, see print-ready mock-ups of their products, and view renderings before ordering. With real-time previews of product customizations, Kickflip gives your customers a seamless, stunning visual experience. 

As a Zakeke alternative, Kickflip outshines the competition. Kickflip provides an attractive user interface with a superior rendering that beats other platforms like Zakeke. Kickflip comes out on top if you want the most visually appealing interface that your customers will love. With real-time changes, as customers customize their products and high-resolution renderings, Kickflip is the best product customization tool. 

Some customization options that Kickflip offers include:

  • Beautiful, responsive interface. Kickflip has an intuitive and elegant interface that delivers high conversion rates and the best results. Your customers can customize your products on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Kickflip’s interface is easy to navigate and visually appealing.

  • Live preview. Kickflip’s real-time preview of the product being customized includes active areas for an intuitive and interactive customization experience.

  • Multiple product views. Display multiple perspectives (front, back, side, or even close-ups!) to show your product in detail.

  • Unlimited variants. Your products can have as many colors, materials, or components as you want. 

  • Inventory management. Your inventory automatically syncs with orders and updates in real-time, saving you the hassle of manually updating inventory. 

  • Shipping integration. Kickflip seamlessly integrates with your shop’s shipping options, making order fulfillment a breeze. 

Product Visualization

Kickflip and Zakeke both offer advanced product visualization capabilities. While Zakeke provides 2D and 3D options, Kickflip is dedicated to stellar 2D product visualization. Kickflip provides the best visuals, with live coloring that allows your customers to see changes in real time as they customize their products. Kickflip offers multiple viewing options for your products so customers can see their items from different angles. 

The Kickflip theme editor allows you to create an enticing brand aesthetic that will keep customers coming back to your store. Using the theme editor, you can use brand colors, create different looks, and more. 


Kickflip is the best Zakeke alternative when it comes to user-friendliness. Kickflip’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and customize products. Even if you’re new to ecommerce and online design, you can create a beautiful and functional product customization platform for your shoppers using Kickflip. 

Kickflip consistently earns high praise for its user-friendliness among customers. 

“This app has made offering custom products a breeze for my small business. Its user-friendly interface and superb customer service are second to none. With a wide range of customization options, seamless integration, and automated processes, it’s an absolute game-changer. Highly recommended!” says one recent Shopify app review

Kickflip has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface. Its product builder is highly intuitive, allowing users to quickly understand how to use the app. For Kickflip, providing an intuitive interface that simplifies and enhances the customization process is crucial, as it keeps happy customers coming back for more. 

Zakeke, on the other hand, has a more complex interface that requires a steeper learning curve. This can be frustrating for customers and hurt your conversion rates. 

“The application was not user-friendly, and we could not get anyone from Zakeke support to assist,” said one Shopify app review. “Shopify made several attempts by emailing them, but they would not contact me as support.”


Zakeke alternative Kickflip integrates with all major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop. Kickflip’s API feature allows you to seamlessly integrate your online product configurator with any ecommerce platform or system. Kickflip’s API will enable you to integrate your shop with Squarespace, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento), Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sana Commerce, Lightspeed, and more. Kickflip offers excellent customer service to assist with any integration questions you may have. 

Although Zakeke has a broader range of integrated apps, their poor customer support has caused many frustrated customers to leave reviews. One Zakeke Shopify app user writes: “The application was not user-friendly, and we could not get anyone from Zakeke support to assist.” 

Customer support is crucial to help integrate SaaS solutions, and the lack of it can render platforms unusable. 

Customer Support

When you’re deciding on a product customizer app, customer support is essential to consider. Attentive customer support can enhance your experience when building your customized shop, making it easier to use the platform and assist your customers. During the product builder process, certain problems may arise, and having dedicated customer support to help you during these times is crucial. Also, bugs are inevitable, so having a responsive support team that can efficiently address these issues is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. 

Kickflip has a strong customer support team dedicated to answering your questions and helping with any issues that arise throughout your shop setup and management process. Kickflip’s large community of happy users offers positive reviews and praise for the platform’s customer service. 

Kickflip Shopify app reviews include many positive ratings for Kickflip’s customer support. “Customer support is amazing, and are always very quick with their responses and always eager to help. Highly recommended, and I’ll be a long-time user!” 

Zakeke, on the other hand, has several complaints of poor customer service among reviewers. In fact, all of the low ratings for Zakeke mention nonexistent or abysmal customer service. Among Zakeke’s one-star ratings of their Shopify app, reviewers say: 

“I had access to this app for 6 months and paid their awful support team to install and set up the 3D modeling system, which cost approx £1.8k in total. The setup never got completed to the standard expected at the start of the project. I have near enough 80 emails trying to sort out this mess with their support. Constant problems and painfully slow to get resolved…A waste of 6 months. Don’t bother with these guys unless you like a headache.”

Prompt and attentive customer support is essential to ensure you provide your customers the best experience possible. Although both platforms offer chat support, an FAQs forum, and email support, Kickflip also includes phone and chat support, while Zakeke does not. Kickflip is the clear winner when it comes to stellar customer service. 

Pricing Plans

Last but definitely not least, in our comparison of Kickflip vs. Zakeke, is pricing. Kickflip has transparent, fair pricing, with no monthly fees and pay-as-you-go pricing. The basic Kickflip plan is only 2.19% of each sale, with unlimited products, storage, and page views. This affordable option allows small businesses to grow without the burden of monthly fees. 

Kickflip also has a premium option for large ecommerce businesses that generate a minimum monthly payment volume of $100k. These shops may require custom ecommerce integrations and are eligible for volume discounts and priority support.

Zakeke has more complex and expensive pricing options. The platform charges monthly fees, with three different plans ranging from $14.90 to $129.90 per month, plus transaction fees ranging from 1.7% to 1.9%. They also offer a custom plan option. 

A major advantage of Kickflip is that the application does not require a monthly fee. You can benefit from Kickflip with advanced customizations, ease of use, and beautiful rendering without having to pay a subscription. Incredible, right? You only pay when you make a successful sale through Kickflip’s customizer. Keep in mind that Zakeke not only charges monthly fees but also transaction fees. 

This freemium plan from Kickflip is a considerable advantage for those who invest time developing their product builder. No need to rush anymore before the end of a free trial. You now have time to create a product builder that matches your brand without paying a monthly subscription fee. Moreover, with this freemium plan, you have access to unlimited products, page views, storage, and dozens of features. With Zakeke’s programs, the access to certain features and number of products vary according to the plan you’re choosing, the cheapest being the one where you have the least amount of options. 

The pricing structure of Zakeke is far more complex than that of Kickflip. With Kickflip, you can take advantage of unlimited product listings and complete access to custom options through their freemium plan. There’s no need to worry about limits on quantities or access restrictions. Everything is readily available to you at no monthly cost.

Don’t take our word for it! (Read the Reviews)

If you’re still on the fence about which product customizer solution is best for you, check out what reviews have to say about Kickflip and Zakeke. 

According to one Zakeke Shopify app reviewer: “If you are United States based, don’t dare use- it has tons of bugs when it comes to the imperial system.”

Zazeke reviewers report performance issues as well as a lack of customer support. “Bit slower as compared to other apps, and also it should be more customer oriented,” says one G2 review of Zazeke. 

In contrast, Kickflip garners rave reviews for its usability, fair pricing, and stellar customer support. Here is a sample of one of the many positive reviews of Kickflip on G2

"Kickflip provided an easy-to-learn, transparent interface for 100% customization of my products. It can be easily linked to the webshop… All the tools are available on the site to allow me to create the product I want for my online store…A plus point is that I don’t have to spend a small fortune to use the site. I pay as my webshop grows, which I think is very fair."

I use the site frequently, and the support team has always been available to me. They are very kind, patiently answering all questions within a short time.”

Kickflip’s unmatched customer service, intuitive interface, endless customization options, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer service clearly make Kickflip the best product customization solution. 

Why Choose Kickflip

Kickflip offers the best product customization platform available for ecommerce shops. Whether you’re a small business selling clothing or a large-scale sporting goods company, Kickflip can help you take your business to the next level with endless customization options. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, excellent customer support, and transparent, affordable pricing, Kickflip is the best Zakeke alternative to help your business grow and flourish. Contact us today to get started and watch your business skyrocket.