25 Inspiring Product Customizer Examples To Learn From


Renaud Teasdale

Product customization

March 8th, 2022

8 min read time

Looking for product customizer examples to get inspired? Great. 

Using Kickflip, we’ve created 25 custom products, from an electric guitar to a gaming chair. 

We have listed them all here in this article so you can try them and hopefully pick up a few ideas for your own product customizer. We’ll also go over some of the key Kickflip features we’ve used to make these customizers a reality. 

If you subscribe for a free Kickflip 14-day trial, you will have access to all of these examples, which will allow you to look behind the hood and actually understand how we’ve built them. Find them in the DEMO tab of the product page.

25 product customizers built with Kickflip

Here are 25 product customizer examples that are sure to get you inspired.

1. Watch

imageKey feature: Image questions

We’ve created Image questions for each customizable area. Every answer contains an image. When the answer is selected, Kickflip displays the correct image of the product. To create these images, we started from a 3D model and rendered a transparent png image for every part of the product and every variation we wanted to show.

2. Cork Wedge Shoes

imageKey feature: Dynamic coloration

Instead of creating an image for each color, we started from a high-res photo and we simply created an image for every part of the shoe and then desaturated it. The goal was to make it look white but to keep the leather texture. We’ve uploaded these images in image questions. From there, we've created color answers containing Hex color codes. When a color answer is selected by the customer, Kickflip dynamically applies it on the image.

3. Beach Cruiser Bike

imageKey feature: Multiple views

For this beach cruiser bike customizer, we have created 2 product views: a perspective view and a side view. Within an image question, you can upload an image that corresponds to each view you are offering. Then your customers can navigate through views by clicking on arrows next to the product preview or on the little dots under it.

4. Skateboard

imageKey feature: Behind the scene

Sometimes, you want to upload an image but that image isn't necessarily a question. It could be a part of the product that isn't customizable or a shadow for example. In that case, you can drag your question “behind the scene”. Behind the scene questions do not appear in the question panel of your customizer.

5. Baseball Cap

imageKey feature: Switch view

Sometimes, you will want to show a specific view based on the question your customer is interacting with. You can easily accomplish that with the “Switch view” setting. Simply select the view you want to display and you are done!

6. Soccer Ball

imageKey feature: Lighting effect

When you create an image question containing color answers, you can apply lighting effects for each answer. This will make the product look more shiny or matte. That’s especially useful to better render dark colors.

7. Makeup Bundle

imageKey feature: Value Questions and Rules

The first question of this product is called “Bundle Type” and it’s a value question — a question that has no effect on the product visual. In this case, we are using that question to display multiple image questions, ultimately displaying the corresponding product bundle. Here are some examples of the rules we’ve created to make this work:

  • When Bundle Type is Eyeshadow and Mascara then Casing should be Eyeshadow Mascara.

  • When Bundle Type is Eyeshadow and Mascara then Lipstick should be unavailable.

8. Sectional Sofa

imageKey feature: Pricing Upcharge

We have created a question allowing customers to add an ottoman for an extra $299. When it’s selected, the total price is instantly updated. You can easily create pricing upcharges like that in Edit Pricing section of Kickflip's dashboard.

9. Electric Guitar

imageKey feature: Logo upload

We’ve added a Logo question to this product allowing customers to upload a logo in a predefined area. Once they upload their logo (it can be a PNG, JPG, PDF, AI, EPS or HEIC), it’s previewed on the product. The original file uploaded by your customer can be downloaded after the order has been placed.

10. T-Shirt

imageKey feature: Text Question

Customers can add a text of up to 10 characters on that T-Shirt. A text can be placed on a product using a straight or curved path or within a multiline text box. Setting a character limit like we did in this case is optional. You could also decide to only allow numbers or letters and even apply text modifiers like “Uppercase”. Last but not least, we've built a feature to prevent customers from typing bad words.

11. Phone Case

imageKey feature: Font Question

That phone case customizer includes a text question allowing customers to type their own text on the product. From that text question, we’ve created a font question and uploaded four fonts for the customers to choose from. You can upload TTF, OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 files. If you're mostly targeting customers with modern browsers, you can simply use WOFF and WOFF2 formats. If you want to expand support as wide as possible, you should upload OTF and TTF files as well. 

12. Gaming Controller

imageKey feature: Image Thumbnails

As part of creating a question, you can upload an image that acts as a thumbnail for each answer. That’s the image your customers will see and interact with in the question panel. This joystick customizer has pretty slick thumbnail images with a glossy effect — a pretty good way to add some pop to an interface!  

13. Necklace

imageKey feature: Value Question

Sometimes all you need is a simple dropdown to let your customers choose between a few sizes or maybe shipping options, without affecting the visuals. That’s what we did here, with a value question and a dropdown input type. Other input types are also available such as thumbnail, radio and label buttons.  

14. Boxing Gloves

imageKey feature: Print Area

You can generate a print-ready PDF file using Kickflip. That's what we did on this boxing glove customizer. The customer can upload a logo within a specified area and move, resize and rotate it. Once the order is placed, a print-ready file containing his logo is generated and can be downloaded. Text can also be included in print areas.  

15. Scooter

imageKey feature: Descriptions

In that scooter customizer demo, we've used descriptions to give more details to the customers about a question and its answers. Descriptions can be single or multi-line and can be formatted using bold, italic and bullet points. 

16. Burger

imageKey feature: Rules

This burger customizer contains many rules that trigger some events based on the customer’s answers. For example, this rule will display fries when a combo is selected:
When Lunch Is Combo then Fries should be Yes.

17. Sneakers

imageKey feature: Rules

In this demo, there are 2 texts, one on each shoe. We wanted the font and color of these texts to match. To accomplish that, we’ve created a few simple rules like this one:
When Left Text Color is Black then Right Text Color should be Black.

18. Engagement Ring

imageKey feature: Image Questions

Just another great example containing image questions. Here, they're used to alternate between gems or metal types.

19. Suitcase

imageKey feature: Focusable Areas

Activating that setting, like we did here, highlights a customizable area when your customer hovers over it. Clicking on the area displays the corresponding question, providing an intuitive way for your customers to navigate.

20. Hoodie

imageKey feature: Color Answer

This is another case where we’ve used color answers. Instead of creating 16 images, one for each color, we simply created one and applied colors dynamically to bring the customizer to life. That feature greatly reduces setup and loading time!

21. Gaming Chair

imageKey feature: Large thumbnail buttons

There are times when you have to show a larger image of the answer to your customer. Let's say you need to show a texture better, for instance. To accomplish that, we have used the large thumbnails buttons input type. The width and height of these buttons as well as the quantity per row can be set in the theme editor.

22. Notebook

imageKey feature: Archived answers

Are some of your product options out of stock? With a built-from-scratch customizer you would have to email your developer asking to manually remove the option. With Kickflip, you can simply login to your dashboard, open the product builder, archive the option, hit the Publish button and your customizer is instantly updated.

23. Neon

imageKey feature: Neon Effect

Want to build a neon customizer? Easy! With Kickflip you can add a neon effect to your text in one click.

24. Coffee Mug + Coffee Bag

imageKey feature: Layers

Just like in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Kickflip has layers. Every question is on a separate layer. That's what allowed us to place the cap over the mug to create that nice transparent effect.  

25. Headphones

imageKey feature: Theme Editor

Using Kickflip's Theme Editor, we've fully customized this theme to match with our brand. Every little detail can be personalized to suit your needs, from roudings to fonts and colors.   


These product customizer examples should provide you with plenty of inspiration if you want to create a memorable and engaging experience for your customers. 

Each of them was built with Kickflip's easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful software. Start your free trial to see how these products work. You'll get access to all of them. 

Whatever customizable product you intend to sell, Kickflip can help you do it! Our software is compatible with Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce and custom ecommerce stores.

If you need any help with your project, feel free to book a quick meeting with someone from our team. We're always be happy to help.