Custom Product Ads

How to Advertise Custom Products

Marnie Kunz

October 27th, 2023

7 min read time

If you build it, they will come is the worst marketing strategy for online businesses. If you’re wondering how to advertise custom products, this guide will walk you through the process, from choosing the right types of ads to targeting your ideal customers. With a smart advertising strategy, you can reach more customers, increase sales, and grow your business. Weeding through all the advertising options can be overwhelming, however, so we’re breaking it down for you here to help you separate the helpful strategies from the hype and increase your profits. 

Types of Ads for Custom Product Businesses

You can get your custom products in front of your target customers with well-planned advertisements. This section will explore different ad formats to help you identify which ones align best with your goals and target audience. 

Display Ads

Display ads - also known as banner ads - use images, videos, or GIFs to link to products or services. For customized product businesses, display ads showcase your products and link to a product or multiple products in your shop. Display ads can also link to your home page or other sales pages on your site. 

Display ads are a popular way to attract new customers by using engaging visuals and enticing text. Banner ads are on websites, social media platforms, and mobile applications. These types of ads often target users based on their interests, browsing behavior, and demographics. Display ads can increase brand awareness, promote your products, and spread the word about sales and promotions you’re running.


Video Ads

Video ads are an increasingly popular way to promote products and brands. Video ads use high-quality video to drive traffic and potential buyers to online shops. Video ads can convey a lot of information in a short video, and they are visually appealing to potential customers. 

According to Statista, online video ad spending amounted to almost $75 billion in 2022, accounting for nearly 30 percent of total display ad spend worldwide. 

Video ads are an excellent way to attract customers on social media, especially on platforms like TikTok where organic reach can be challenging. These ads are widely distributed across platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Instagram, helping you reach new audiences and grow your TikTok follower base significantly.

Social Media Ads 

Social media is a powerful and continually growing medium for reaching people. Social media ad spending is projected to reach $207.1 billion in 2023, up from $173 billion in 2022, according to Statista. Social media ads offer a low cost of entry, and they can be tailored to the specific demographics and behaviors that you want to target to reach specific customers.

Social media ad campaigns involve using paid content with posts that promote businesses across social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Linkedin, Threads, and more. Social platforms have millions of users, making them an excellent tool to target your audience based on specific interests. 

With social media advertising, you have the flexibility to customize your campaigns to align with your business requirements and budget. For example, you can choose a cost-per-click (CPC) model, where you are billed each time someone clicks on your advertisements. Alternatively, you can opt for a cost-per-impression (CPM) approach, where you are charged for every 1,000 impressions your ad receives.

Search Engine Ads

Search engine ads - or SEAs - are a type of advertising that allows businesses to place ads on search engine results pages (SERPs). The most common type of search engine ads are for Google, but you can also choose from other search engines like Bing, DuckDuckGo, and YouTube. 

When you run a search engine ad campaign, you will pay for your page or products to come up as sponsored search results for specific keywords. Search engine ads use a pay-per-click method that charges you each time someone clicks on your ad. SEAs allow you to drive traffic to your website and product pages, increase your brand visibility and reach target customers. 


Email Ads

Email advertising is a form of direct marketing that reaches a list of customers and potential customers. This tried-and-true marketing strategy is very effective, offering a high return on investment. According to HubSpot, email ROI yields an impressive $36 for every $1 spent. 

Email marketing enables your brand to communicate directly and personally with potential consumers who have already expressed an interest in your business. Emailing your audience nurtures a relationship with your clients and updates them about exclusive offers, custom product launches, and more. A well-crafted email ad can capture your audience’s attention, spark curiosity, and encourage them to take action and purchase your products. 

Choosing an Ad Type

Now that you know the primary forms of advertising for your custom products business, it’s time to choose the best ad options for your products. Follow these tips to decide which ad format will work best for your business:

  • Identify your goals: Set your advertising campaign goals. Do you want to build awareness of your brand or increase sales of a particular product? Your objectives will shape the strategies you employ, the platforms you use, and even the way you measure success.

  • Identify your target audience. If you haven’t already, do in-depth research on your target customer base. Does your ideal client frequent social media or prefer emails? If they are on social media, determine which platform they use. This will help you effectively target your advertising campaign. For example, Gen Z is the most active on TikTok, while millennials frequent Instagram. In addition to demographics, consider the behaviors and preferences of your target customer. Do they prefer videos or gravitate to more text-heavy ads? What colors represent your brand and appeal to your target buyers? Consider these factors when creating your advertising strategy. 

  • Set your budget. When planning a digital marketing strategy, it’s essential to know your budget. Advertising on different platforms can quickly add up in costs, and not every platform charges the same rates. Calculate how much you can spend on your ad campaign over a set period, and then you can work backward and set a daily budget.

Tips for Creating the Best Ads for Custom Products

Creating effective advertising campaigns is an art form that requires a lot of research, testing, and revising. Don’t be afraid to try different strategies until you find the form of ad that works best for your custom products business. Here are some tips to help you create the best ads for your business so you can watch your profits roll in:

Use High-Quality Visuals

Your photos or videos are what will attract potential customers to your ads, so it’s essential to make the visuals appealing. Use high-resolution images and high-quality videos. To showcase your custom products most attractively, make sure you have good lighting and clear backgrounds that don’t detract from your products. Hire a professional photographer or videographer if you need help creating great visuals. The success of your ad campaign depends on excellent visuals, so it’s worth the investment.


Adhere to Your Brand Aesthetics

Use your logo and brand colors in your ads so you have a consistent aesthetic for your brand. This will help your custom products stand out. A brand look also allows your customers to easily identify your products.

Have a Clear Message

Create an ad that has a clear message. It may tell a short story about your product, offer a discount, or highlight features. Make sure your message is easy to understand quickly. There is so much content competing for attention on the Internet, and you have just a few seconds to hook your audience. 

Include a Clear CTA

Have a clear call to action in your advertising. It sounds simple, but some businesses lose sight of the CTA in the ad creation process and forget to make a strong CTA. The CTA should offer clear guidance on your customer’s next steps, such as navigating to a specific product page, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter. 


Use A/B Testing

Your first ad may not give you the highest return on your investment, but it’s a starting point. Don’t be afraid to experiment with alternative formats of your ads and do some A/B testing. By modifying certain aspects of your ad - such as changing the text, you can determine what is most appealing to your audience and identify which version yields the highest conversions. 

Offer Discounts or Promotions

If you want to give your target audience an extra incentive, you can offer a special discount or promotion. Limited-time offers can be a very effective way to bring in sales and expand your customer base. Creating a sense of urgency with a limited offer will improve your ad performance. 


Optimize for Different Platforms

Whether you run a social media ad campaign or a Google ad, each has its own best practices for ad optimization. Optimize your ads according to the platform so your ads can most effectively reach your target customers. 

Increase Your Sales with the Best Ads

Running a digital ad campaign takes research and effort. But with these tips, you can determine how to advertise custom products to best highlight your online shop. Defining your target audience, choosing an ad type, and creating an effective campaign will be well worth your effort when the sales start rolling in.