MyCustomizer Changes Its Name to Kickflip


Renaud Teasdale

Product customization

February 3rd, 2022

1 min read time

We started our company in 2010 and our mission hasn't changed: to empower the customization revolution.

But let’s face it, MyCustomizer was a long, pretty hard to pronounce and descriptive name! We’ve always figured we would change it some day...  Well, today is the day!

We are Kickflip

We are building the next big thing in ecommerce and we wanted our brand to reflect that.

Kickflip is playful, smart, friendly, and definitely new school! In addition, our team is full of kids from the 90's and 00's who grew up skateboarding, so the new name felt natural.

​​The kickflip is a trick, popularized by the legendary skater Rodney Mullen, in which the rider flips his skateboard 360° along the axis that extends from the nose to the tail of the deck.

Landing a kickflip is very difficult, but when you succeed, it seems easy and almost magical. That's what we want our technology to feel like... making hard things look simple and elegant.

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