Get ready for the next steps!

Here is what you need to generate your customizer.

1. Basic product options

Product name e.g., Camila Shoes
Min and max quantitiese.g., 1-12 pairs
Available sizese.g., S, M, L, XL
Pricinge.g., base price: $100, embroidery: +$5

2. Product pictures

Provide pictures for each view you want to show.We recommend 1 to 4.
We need hi-resolution pictures (minimum 1024x768).
A light colored product is better.
A neutral texture/material is better.
Avoid black or dark colors if possible.

3. 3D models

The prefered 3D model file formats are .obj or .3ds. If possible, please separate the customizable zones in the 3D files. You can place them in different layers.

4. Customizable zones

Point out the customizable zones on your product.
Describe each zone on your product.e.g. Zone 5 // Name: Sole, Colors: Green, Black, White.

5. Colors

Provide a Hex code for each color you want to offer.e.g. White = #FFFFFF, Lime Green = #4DFC00

6. Materials

Provide pictures for each material you want to offer.
We need hi-resolution pictures (minimum 1024x768).
We need to know the scale of the texture compared to the product.