How to Create Visual Product Bundles on Shopify

How to Create Visual Product Bundles on Shopify

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There's something about a bundle that just feels irresistible. Maybe it's the sense of getting more for your money. Or maybe it's the appeal of trying something new. Whatever the reason, product bundles are a great way to boost your conversions and increase sales. In this blog post, we'll take a look at how Swag uses Kickflip to create unique and very visual product bundles, and drive conversions through the roof!

Meet Laura Beth Oliver-Agee, the founder of Swag 

Entrepreneurship has many motivators. For Laura Beth Oliver-Agee, it comes in the form of creativity. She founded Swag in 2010 after realizing her love for paper, creativity and printing. 

« Taking ordinary things and converting them into something extraordinary.  Whether it be a piece of wood, paper, acrylic or a simple t-shirt. I love to take common items and create something beautiful and memorable.  I strive to create invitations that people won't throw away and t-shirts that become their favorite go-to. »

So, what exactly is Swag?

Located in the heart of Downtown Tuscaloosa, in Alabama, Swag is a boutique brand specializing in custom artwork and personalized products. Whether it be a custom screen printed t-shirt for a sorority or fraternity or a wedding invitation, they add their personal touch to each and every product they sell.

What is a product bundle?

A product bundle is a grouping of products offered together, often at a discounted price, but not necessarily. Product bundles usually contain items that complement each other and are often themed around a particular event or holiday.

Product bundles are a great way to increase sales and boost conversions. By bundling products together, you're able to offer a discount that entices customers to buy more. And, because the products are carefully curated, customers know they're getting a great deal on products that go together and work well for their needs. 

What kind of product bundles does Swag offer?

Swag created very unique bundle variants that we think are some of the coolest product bundles out there. They are different than anything we've seen because they leverage Kickflip technology to create a super visual and interactive shopping experience. 

The example below shows a product bundle that Swag offers. It's very cleverly created, as you can see, with colored rectangles to represent the bundle. Those rectangles are replaced by product images when the customer modifies the bundle. The result is a kind of 'collage' that we find very appealing. 

Disco Cowgirl Premium, form $175

Disco Cowgirl Premium

Using product bundles to sell more

If you're looking for a way to increase sales, product bundles are a great option. As you can see, Swag offers the option to add even more products to your bundle. In this example, the customer can add the gameday bag for an extra $75 to $100.

product bundle add-on

Leveraging Kickflip to offer personalization

Personalized products are all the rage these days and Swag is ahead of the curve. With Kickflip, they're able to offer a bundle that includes personalized items, like this one that comes with a custom-printed Notepad.

Product Bundle Personalization

How does Swag use Kickflip to create these bundles?

Kickflip is the perfect platform for creating bundle variants because it's so easy to use yet very powerful. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Shopify, making it super simple to set up and manage your product bundles. Here's how Swag uses Kickflip to create their unique product bundles:

  • First, they think about their core customer. Who are they trying to reach with their product bundle? What are their needs and wants? What kind of products would they be interested in?
  • Next, they choose the products they want to include in the bundle.
  • Next, they select the variations of each product that they want to offer.
  • Next, they create a beautiful scrapbook-style image of their product bundle using Photoshop.
  • Finally, they upload these images and generate the bundle experience using Kickflip. Kickflip provides them with an interface that allows them to create and maintain a custom bundle experience for their customers very easily.

That's it! Now their customers can easily browse and purchase their product bundles from the comfort of their own homes.

Keeping it fresh!

The Swag team is always updating their product bundle offerings because they know that their customers' needs and wants are constantly changing. In order to keep their brand fresh and exciting, they keep up with the latest fashion trends, seasons, and special events. And we think that's pretty cool!

What's next for Swag?

Swag is always coming up with new and creative ways to engage their customers and drive conversions. We can't wait to see what they come up with next! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out their website if you're ever in need of a custom gift or a unique screen-printed t-shirt.

If you want to create interactive and fun product bundle experiences for your customers, we highly recommend trying Kickflip! It's the perfect platform for creating bundle variants that are easy to manage and look great. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Shopify, making it very simple to set up and use.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your own product bundles shopping experiences today!

If you have any questions about Kickflip or how to create product bundles, feel free to reach out to us at We're always happy to help! :)

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